M.C.S.S. Services

Motor Carrier Safety Solutions (MCSS) is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the interpretation and execution of the regulations and guide-lines set forth by the Federal Motor Car-rier Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation and California Highway Patrol.


The USDOT FMCSA regulations are complex, difficult to interpret, and even more difficult to follow. Non-compliance, however, could cost you thousands of dollars in fines or even shut your trans-portation operation down completely. Let MCSS help you understand your respon-sibilities with regards to the Federal Mo-tor Carrier Safety Regulations and how to comply with them.


To assist our clients in establishing proper safety management controls in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Our ultimate goals are safer roadways for the public and increased profits for our clients.


Based in San Diego, California, we serve all 50 states with our consulting practice, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.


We offer complete consortium/third party administration (C/TPA) services for companies regulated by Federal and State government or Drug Free Programs for non-regulated employ-ees. We assist in the compliance for companies of all sizes. Whether it is managing the testing program of an intrastate Owner-Operator motor car-rier or managing the testing program of a large and diverse interstate DOT FMCSA Regulated transportation com-pany, MCSS is a committed partner. We will help you implement quality substance abuse prevention and test-ing program that will meet federal, state and industry standards.


Our program consists of all the following:

  • Company Certificate of Enroll-ment: this certificate is your proof that you are enrolled in a federally approved drug testing program.
  • Driver/Employee Information Handbooks: Drivers must be made aware of the DOT require-ments of Part 382 and how ran-dom testing will be implemented, this is just some of the information contained in the handbook.
  • Individual Employee ID Cards: The Employee ID card is used for verification and contact purposes.
  • Sample Company Policy: Em-ployer’s are obligated to provide the employee the company’s poli-cies and procedures with respect to meeting the DOT requirements. It is the employer’s responsibility to be familiar with any local, state and federal laws or any collective bargaining agreements that may impact when, where and how test-ing is performed when implement-ing a Drug Free Workplace other than what is required by DOT.
  • Local Collection Sites - Every effort is made to locate a collection site within few miles of your home, terminal or job site, remote areas may require further travel. In most cases collection supplies are shipped directly to the sites.
  • Dept. of Health and Human Service Labs (DHHS) SAMSHA: certified as re-quired by DOT and pertains to all MCSS testing.
  • Medical Review Officers: These licensed physicians review and interpret test results from the lab and serve as an arbiter be-tween the lab and the donor.
  • Cutting edge web-base technology
  • Continuing education: for drug and abuse prevention; annual renewal
  • Complete Program Administration - We provide all required administration, quality control, materials, record keeping including summary reports (by request of at least two (2) business days).
  • Driver Qualification Files: Our experienced staff will conduct an interview with your prospective driver and re-view your driver’s applica-tion, qualifica-tions, motor ve-hicle record, background investigation, and provide documentation as required by the Fed-eral Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the California Code of Regulations Motor Carrier Safety.

Our C-TPAT Management Program entails the management of your company's enroll-ment, validation and compliance of your C-TPAT program. MCSS thoroughly assesses companies; pre-enrollment eligibility, compli-ance with C-TPAT minimum security require-ments and pre-existing industry best prac-tices.


Expert Testimony: We work closely with attor-neys and motor carriers to ensure accuracy in the development of cases whether defendant or plaintiff. Members of our staff are qualified ex-perts. Contact us for options and cost.


Accident Investigations: Our investigators are retired members of the DOT and California Highway Patrol, one of the finest investigative agencies in the country. Our investigators are experts qualified in the California, Justice, Mu-nicipal and Superior Courts. We also have on call, an accident reconstruction expert that is also a retired member of the California Highway Patrol. Contact us for options and cost.


Hazardous Materials Transportation Education: The Federal Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Transportation Law Training main purpose is to increase a hazmat employee's safety awareness and be an essential element in reducing hazmat incidents. The HazMat training will include classroom style training, test, certification and training records reten-tion. The class will place major emphasis on “Packaging and Documentation”.


Training Includes:

  • General awareness and familiarization
  • Function-specific, training
  • Safety
  • HazMat Security awareness

(All 4 training required by the DOT and CHP)


Transportation Attorney:

Our attorney primarily focuses her practice on representing the transportation industry in a variety of litigation matters including catastro-phic loss claims, cargo liability, and employ-ment liability. She also counsels our clients on employment decisions, contract negotiation, and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. She developed, instituted, and adheres to a 24 hour rapid response protocol ensuring the team’s availability to our clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week for immediate re-sponse to accident and catastrophic loss scenes.